Need for Speed Rivals Review

Need for Speed Rivals Review

The latest in the long running Need for Speed series now features beautiful open world environment with freedom to explore new locations, safe houses and jump spots with new cars, read more in Need for Speed Rivals Review.
As with previous Need for Speed titles there’s a big connection between street racers and cops, and as you still have the choice of playing as either.

Game play is very much open world, and you can take your time exploring the map before taking on certain missions that unlock the faster cars. The faster the car the easier it is to take chase down the streetracers.or evade the cops depending what side you are playing as..

When playing as a Streetracer you need to get rid of the cops, the higher your heat level the more the police will come after you, with a maximum heat level of 10 the old bill will chase you down with police helo’s, heavy armour and hummvees.

When playing as a cop you have to chase and take out as many street racers as possible using EMP’s, stingers or nudging them off the road..

You can either be a streetracer or play as the cop, both have a simulair ranking system and can be chosen any time during your career. As a streetracer you have multiple options to either just drive around and find the jump spots to cross over or just follow the orders and win races. During your career you have some lists to take care of, finish those and you will rank up. The higher the rank, the more technology and cars become available for you. 60 lists total over your career ( same as the cop career ) and after following the storyline, that has 21 lists, you are free to go and rank your level up.

Technology is the newest item that you recieve in this game, you can buy them easily in the store and you can take 2 items with you. For example every car in the game has turbo on his car, equip the Nitroboost tech. and you have more powerfull nitro to get the higher speed going. The EMP tracker is lovely, you can set it up and let the oppenent stand still for a few seconds, it could be come in handy to EMP some one and get into first place this way.
A lot of those tech systems come in handy, you can make them better by buying upgrades for them so they become more powerfull after every use.

The cops have a different storyline ofcourse in the game, you have to take down streetracers in order to check it off your list. The cops having also different technologies, they could using helicopters to make it harder for the streetracers. They could also use some spikes to set up or an EMP aswell.

Need for Speed Rivals blends single player and multiplayer together, and as you drive around the open world map you’ll see online race events that you can enter.

The multiplayer is kind of different in this one. You can be either a streetracer or a cop during the whole session, you can team up with 6 more players and they can decide also who they want to play as. They can help out or just mess up your race. If you just wanna play alone switch your free-roam session to private or just friends only.
You can challenge your friends or just chase randoms.

Also a new network system has installed and the player behind it can help you out or just steal stuff from your car, your nitro-meter or your equipment.

Need for Speed Rivals looks quite amazing though, the engine is floating and it is not making loud noises anymore like we used to know in NFS Most Wanted 2012. You also can switch it off and turn your music on. Driving through the city is just amazing, it feels like you’re in the car by yourself. The details are looking fantastic, every scratch your make stays on the car until you’re driving through the repair shop to fix your car.

At least I can say that this Need for Speed game is a different one than that we used to know, the cops were always your enemy, now there’re not enemies anymore they are rivals…The game looks good and the driving is amazing. The handling of the cars is quite good and the achievements for this game are quite easy, but it may take some time to get the full 1000G.
I think it is a good game, but the storyline isn’t always that different so for me it was kinda not that exciting, but the game itself is really good and I’m enjoying it to play.

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